Welcome to C.F. Brennan & Co.; a leading exporter of the world’s largest brand name grocery and food items.

C.F. Brennan and Co. has evolved into a full-service, multi-employee worldwide trading and exporting company.  Their reach is strongest in the Asian marketplace, although not limited to this region on any level.  C.F. Brennan and Co. have formed strategic partnerships with many of the premiere distributors and purchasing.

Even after many years and strong growth as a company, the original vision is still intact and as viable as ever: bringing both customers and suppliers together to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial to both parties in the grocery industry.

C.F. Brennan and Co. thanks you for visiting our website, and invites you to become a partner with us moving forward.  While C.F. Brennan and Co. is not the biggest company in the grocery distribution field you will encounter, it’s our guarantee that we’ll work harder and do more to ensure you get the best short and long term distribution partnership in the grocery arena.


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