C.F. Brennan and Co. believes in putting the needs of our customers first!  It’s our mission to provide our customers with fairly priced, competitive products shipped in a timely manner while ensuring freshness upon their arrival to their port of destination.

  • Our long term relationships with major manufacturers allows C.F. Brennan and Co. to offer quality branded products with long shelf lives at the best pricing margin in the industry.
  • At C.F. Brennan and Co., we offer the following points regarding your shipments:
  • Our products are shipped in mixed and straight 20-40 foot containers.
  • We guarantee competitive pricing on goods and shipping costs.
  • Your products will always be shipped in a timely manner.
  • We are happy to arrange your own private label.
  • Our carriers are industry leaders; reliable, fast and inexpensive.
  • We provide our customers with fast and accurate documentation regarding their shipments.


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