Image: Logistics, Shipping, CF Brennan, Worldwide

In our industry, the biggest expense that can be the difference between groceries being affordable or not is the transportation of the good. At CF Brennan and Company, our team are specialists in transportation coordination. We work port to port, as well as from the port to the final desination, to ensure the most cost effective ways to deliver goods while ensuring all transportation laws and regulations are adhered to. 

CF Brennan and Company coordinates with our International Transportation Teams to establish the most cost effective and efficient routing of goods from origin to destination. 

At CF Brennan, we have relationships with multiple shipping/logistical organizations who are consulted to ensure the very best pricing of port to port/door to door shipping and delivery of our goods. 

CF Brennan additionally ensure the proper documentation is always completed and provided as part of the shipping process. This can include the following: 

  • Health/Sanitary Certifications
  • Packing Lists
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Ocean Bill of Lading
  • Sales Certificate
  • Letter of Instruction

It is our goal to ensure that every aspect of your experience with CF Brennan and Company is handled in the most efficient, professional manner. Our Logistics Team regularly surveys transportation providers to grow our network of providers to ensure the lowest cost of delivery for you, our customers!